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Sand blasting room mechanical recycling type sand blasting room pneumatic recycling type sand blasting room
Detailed description:

Sand blasting room mechanical recycling type sand blasting room

It is suitable for large steel structure parts, ships, bridges, aerospace, military products, track equipment, wind power towers, port machinery, petroleum machinery, engineering machinery, mining machinery, textile machinery, large-scale castings for special vehicles, inner and outer walls of steel pipes, etc. rust.
Brief introduction of principle:
Under the action of wind, the interior of the sand blasting chamber body forms an air flow layer from the top of the chamber body. The abrasive is compressed by the action of air to form a solid-air mixture and sprayed on the surface of the workpiece for chipping. Some abrasive chips are broken to form dust. The downward flowing airflow drives the dust in the air to mix the abrasive and rust removal impurities, etc. back to the sorting system for sorting via the honeycomb back to the sand floor. After the sorting, the recyclable sand is returned to the storage tank and the sand blasting system is automatically added to the sand blasting system for recycling according to the blasting demand; the unreusable dust and impurities are taken to the dust collector for fine filtration, and the dust is deposited in The waste box is recovered and processed, and the gas filtered by the filter element is discharged to the atmosphere again or used for recycling in the sand blasting room. The entire working process is airtight, free from dust spillage, safe and environmentally friendly.
The complete set of equipment for mechanical recycling recovery type blasting room is mainly composed of blasting room body, lighting system, aerodynamic recovery floor, sorter, blasting system, dust collector, fan, control system, workpiece conveying system and operator protection system. .
Features of mechanical recycling recycling sand blasting room:
★ Environmental protection: The fan is electrically driven, clean and pollution-free; sandblasting works in a closed environment and the sand is recovered in a closed pipe, so there is no sand and dust leakage causing surrounding pollution; the dust uses advanced filter dust collectors Filtration. The filtered gas emission concentration is better than national emission standards.
★ Automatic circulation: The system adopts aerodynamic recovery floor to realize automatic recycling of sand material.
★ One wind and two uses: the wind generated by the fan can be used to convey the sand, and also use the system to remove dust.
★ Automatic sorting: The sorting device uses the aerodynamic principle to achieve effective sorting of sand, impurities and dust, so that the recyclable sand can be returned to the storage box, and the non-reusable dust and impurities are taken to the dust collector. Fine filtering.
★ Filter element dust removal: The system adopts the most advanced filter element dust removal method in the world, and the filtration efficiency can reach 99.9%.
★ Imported filter material: The raw material of the filter element is made of imported long fiber, and the filter area is large. The filter area of a single filter element is twice that of an ordinary filter element.
★ Automatic control: sand material recovery, sorting, spray gun control, dust removal and ash removal, and sand blasting tank operation can all realize automatic control, and the system will automatically alarm when the system fails.
★ High integration: The control system adopts PLC + touch display, which can realize automatic operation mode and manual control mode.
★ Efficient cleaning: The pressure shot blasting device is used, and the single-gun cleaning area can reach 10 ~ 30 m2 / h.

Sandblasting room example photos

Compared with the traditional sand blasting (pellet) room, it has the following significant features:
无需深地坑(亦可不做地坑)、基建费用低,施工周期短; 1. No need for deep pit (or no pit), low infrastructure cost and short construction period;
装备吸砂地板,无需绞龙、皮带机、斗提机等传统运输机械,避免了在砂料运输、提升过程中砂料、粉尘对运输机械、轴承、电机产生的磨损、堵塞等现象,故障率低,维护工作量小; 2.Equipped with sand-absorbing floor, no need for traditional transportation machinery such as auger, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, etc., to avoid the abrasion and blockage of transportation machinery, bearings and motors caused by sand and dust during sand transportation and lifting. Low failure rate and low maintenance workload;
装备磨料分离分选装置,磨料自动循环回收,提高了利用率和喷砂清理效率; 3. Equipped with abrasive separation and sorting device, automatic recycling of abrasive, which improves the utilization rate and the efficiency of blast cleaning;
磨料循环分离分选和除尘共用一台风机,一风多用,同比传统喷砂房节省 30% 能源; 4. A single fan is used for the separation and sorting of abrasives and dust removal, which can be used for multiple purposes, saving 30% of energy compared with the traditional sand blasting room ;
喷砂系统中可一台砂罐带多把高速喷枪工作,每把枪均可单独控制,喷砂清理效率高,工作压力可无级调节。 5. In the sand blasting system, one sand tank can work with multiple high-speed spray guns, and each gun can be controlled independently. The sand blasting efficiency is high and the working pressure can be adjusted steplessly.
采用碳化物耐用喷砂嘴,平均使用寿命 800-1000 小时。 6, using carbide durable sandblasting nozzle, the average service life of 800-1000 hours.
喷砂房可同时使用不同材质、不同粒度大小的砂料(如钢丸、玻璃丸、钢砂、石英砂、铜矿砂、黄砂、果壳等等),可满足不同工艺要求。 7. Sand blasting room can use different materials and different grain sizes (such as steel shot, glass shot, steel sand, quartz sand, copper ore, yellow sand, nut shell, etc.) at the same time, which can meet different process requirements.
8. The airflow in the sand blasting (pill) room is circulated from top to bottom, the light is bright, comfortable, and the visibility is high.

采用国际先进的滤芯式除尘技术,喷砂(丸)房粉尘排放量远低于国家环保要求。 9. Adopting international advanced filter-type dust removal technology, the dust emission of sand blasting (pellet) room is far lower than national environmental protection requirements.
喷砂(丸)房室体采用聚苯乙烯发泡塑料夹心彩板房组成,具有消音功能,美观、坚固、密闭。 10. The sand blasting (pill) room is made of polystyrene foam plastic sandwich color board room, which has a sound-absorbing function, beautiful, solid and sealed.
Sand and dust sorting system

  What is recovered from the honeycomb floor is a mixture of sand and dust. It must be sorted by the sand and dust separator before the sand can continue to be recycled. The quality of the sand and dust separator directly affects the sand blasting machine. Sand blasting performance and filter performance of dust collector.
The sand and dust separator adopts a two-stage wind separator designed by our company for the sandblasting system. The stage is a unique cyclone inertial separator. The second stage is an air blowback separator. Recycling sand, broken sand, dust, scale, and other dirt are effectively sorted. The separated sand is returned to the main body of the shot blasting machine to continue recycling, and the dust and crushed sand are sent to the dust collector, filtered and stored in the dust collector for regular cleaning.
By adjusting the adjustment mechanism on the sand and dust separator, the size of the diameter of the separated sand can be adjusted. Specially-designed sand and dust separators can be used to classify sand materials into different grades, sections (different particle sizes), and circle selection.


了解喷砂房详细 资料请与本公司联系 For more information about the blasting room , please contact us .

The company can also determine the technical parameters according to the specific requirements of customers, tailor-made for customers.

Quality assurance

1. Reasonable and thoughtful design, fully considering the various functional needs of customers.

2. Material required for the product: Steel plates and profiles are all purchased from brand-name manufacturers.

3. The supporting standard parts should be purchased from famous brand manufacturers as much as possible, such as bearings, motors, reducers, etc.

4. Load test of key components shot blasting plant, dry running test of various motion institutions.

5. Design and quality inspection personnel set up a special quality supervision team to supervise the implementation of the above steps to ensure product quality.

Our advantages :
; 承诺以最短的时间为你量身定制你要求的产品 ★ 1. Quick response: promise to give you detailed quotation instructions and product information in the fastest time ; promise to tailor your requested product to you in the shortest time
★ 2. High-quality products and prices: Our company reduces the cost of the company through measures such as factory procurement and large-scale procurement of various raw materials, and ensures that the products are of high quality and low price, and effectively takes advantage of our company's scale effect Direct offers to customers

★ 3. Thoughtful service: Products sold by our company enjoy partial paid service. VIP 客户,享受更加实惠的价格和贵宾般的服务。 Large-volume or long-term cooperation customers can become our VIP customers and enjoy more affordable prices and VIP-like services.

company profiles

原大丰市铸造机械总厂) 创建于1976年,是集科研、生产、贸易、服务为一体的中型集团企业。 Jiangsu Yingda Machinery Co., Ltd. ( formerly Dafeng Foundry Machinery General Factory) was established in 1976. It is a medium-sized group enterprise integrating scientific research, production, trade and service. The company has total assets of more than 80 million yuan, covers an area of over 70,000 square meters, construction area of 28,000 square meters, more than 250 employees, annual sales income of 110 million yuan, profits and taxes of more than 10 million yuan.

中国铸造协会会员单位、全国铸造机械十佳名优品牌、中国驰名品牌、江苏省著名商标认定企业、江苏省质量诚信五星级单位。 In 1998, it was the first in the industry to pass the ISO9001 international quality management system certification; in 2002, it was rated as the city's AAA credit enterprise; for eight consecutive years, it was rated as a AAA credit enterprise by the bank; in 2003 it passed the ISO14001 international environmental management system certification; Member of Foundry Association, Top Ten Famous Brands of National Foundry Machinery, China Famous Brand, Jiangsu Famous Trademark Recognition Enterprise, Jiangsu Province Quality and Integrity Five-Star Unit. Actively explore domestic and foreign markets, with more than 400 sales service networks in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and the products are exported to Europe, America, Canada, and Southeast Asian countries.

  Friends from all walks of life are welcome to call us for more information. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

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