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Roller type shot blasting derusting machine
Detailed description:

Roller type shot blasting derusting machine

Product introduction:

特点:本机带有集尘装置,分离效果好,可连续清理,既可安装在生产线上,又可单机使用。 I. Roller-type shot blasting and rust-removing machine Features: This machine is equipped with a dust collecting device, which has a good separation effect and can be continuously cleaned. It can be installed on the production line or used as a single machine. Flexible use, easy operation and maintenance.

工作原理: 是利用旋转的滚筒,将弹丸或其抛光辅料与工件放到一起在滚筒内连续翻转磨擦,达到清理的目的。 Second, the drum-type shot blasting derusting machine Small drum-type rust removing machine works: the use of a rotating drum, the projectile or its polishing accessories and the workpiece together to continuously flip friction in the drum to achieve the purpose of cleaning. It is used for sand removal, rust removal, descaling and surface cleaning of small castings, forgings, stampings, gears, springs and other parts in various industries. It is especially suitable for cleaning and strengthening parts that are not afraid of bumps.

主要技术参数: Third, the main technical parameters of the drum-type shot blasting derusting machine :
1. Drum diameter (mm) 1000
2. Inner length of drum (mm) 800
3. Drum rotation speed (r / min) 31
Driving power (kw) 1.5
4. Drum volume (m3) 0.75
5. One-time loading of castings (kg) < 300
6. Single piece cleaning weight (kg) < 15
8. Each cleaning time (min) 5-8
9. Shot blasting capacity (kg / min) 110
Motor power (kw) 7.5
10. Dust removal air volume (m3 / h) 1500
Dust removal power (kw) 1.1

11. Total power (kw) ≈11
(Note: The productivity is related to the complexity and surface area of the workpiece. Generally, the surface area of the parts cleaned per minute is ≤0.25m2. The diameter of the projectile is 0.8-1.2mm)

  Fourth, product quality assurance measures

产品所需钢板、型材一律从名牌厂家进货。 1. The steel plates and profiles required for the products are all purchased from famous brand manufacturers.

组成设备的各钢板、型材或构件一律进行除锈后喷保养底漆。 2. All steel plates, profiles or components that make up the equipment are uniformly derusted and sprayed with a maintenance primer.

各配套标准件尽可能从名牌厂家购买,如轴承、电机、减速机等。 3. The supporting standard parts should be purchased from famous brand manufacturers as much as possible, such as bearings, motors, reducers, etc.

关键部件抛丸器厂内负荷试车、各运动机构厂内空运转试车。 4. Load test of key components shot blasting plant, dry running test of various motion institutions.

由设计、质检人员成立专门质量监督小组,监管以上各步的落实,以确保产品质量。 5. Design and quality inspection personnel set up a special quality supervision team to supervise the implementation of the above steps to ensure product quality.


V. After-sales service guarantee measures  

三包三包期一年; 1. " Three Guarantees " is implemented for product quality , and the " Three Guarantees " period is one year;

2. During the warranty period, repairs and replacements of electrical control and mechanical parts failures and damaged parts due to normal use (except man-made and wearing parts);

“24 小时答复,即用户与我公司售后服务办(电话: 0515-83752966 )联系,保证在 24 小时内电话解决或派人走出。 3. The after-sales service implements a "24- hour " response, that is, the user contacts our company's after-sales service office (phone: 0515-83752966 ) to ensure that the phone is resolved within 24 hours or someone is sent out.

4. Responsible for providing technical information such as the detailed list of wearing parts of equipment and equipment, instruction manuals, certificate of conformity to the buyer.

机械友情提醒: Friendly reminder from Jiangsu Yingda Machinery:

The information on the network can be used as a platform for you to understand the relevant knowledge of the equipment and find manufacturers. You need to choose the real manufacturer when purchasing equipment. If you encounter technical problems, quality problems, and purchase related accessories during the use of the equipment, you can find us in time. 英达 品牌传播给更多的客户,因此您是我们设备的使用者,更是传播者。 There is no one-shot deal to buy our products. We also hope to spread the " Yingda " brand to more customers through your use . Therefore, you are the user and the communicator of our equipment.

company profiles

原大丰市铸造机械总厂) 创建于1976年,是集科研、生产、贸易、服务为一体的中型集团企业。 Jiangsu Yingda Machinery Co., Ltd. ( formerly Dafeng Foundry Machinery General Factory) was established in 1976. It is a medium-sized group enterprise integrating scientific research, production, trade and service.

要生产金属表面处理成套 设备、砂处理成套设备等机械行业的八大系列产品。 It mainly produces eight series of products for the mechanical industry, such as metal surface treatment equipment and sand treatment equipment. 喷砂喷漆房; 吊钩吊链式抛丸清理机;转台式、台车式抛喷丸清理机;钢、橡胶履带抛丸清理机;滚筒式抛丸清理机;砂处理造型线;系列混砂机;砂粉输送设备;斗式提升机及爬式加料机; 系列带式移动松砂机;各种工业环保除尘设备;各种型号的特种合金耐磨铸件、配套件;各种型号高效抛丸器系列;钢丸、铝丸 、铁丸 、不锈钢丸等。 The main products are through plate and profile pretreatment production line; coating production line; sandblasting and painting room; hook and chain type shot blasting machine; rotary and trolley type shot blasting machine; steel and rubber track shot blasting Machine; drum-type shot blasting machine; sand processing molding line; series of sand mixers; sand powder conveying equipment; bucket elevator and climbing feeder; series of belt moving sand loosening machines; various industrial environmental protection dust removal equipment; Various types of special alloy wear-resistant castings and supporting parts; various types of high-efficiency shot blasting machine series; steel shots, aluminum shots, iron shots, stainless steel shots, etc.

中国铸造协会会员单位、全国铸造机械十佳名优品牌、中国驰名品牌、江苏省著名商标认定企业、江苏省质量诚信五星级单位。 In 1998, it was the first in the industry to pass the ISO9001 international quality management system certification; in 2002, it was rated as the city's AAA credit enterprise; for eight consecutive years, it was rated as a AAA credit enterprise by the bank; in 2003, it passed the ISO14001 international environmental management system certification; it is China Member of Foundry Association, Top Ten Famous Brands of National Foundry Machinery, China Famous Brand, Jiangsu Famous Trademark Recognition Enterprise, Jiangsu Province Quality and Integrity Five-Star Unit. Actively explore domestic and foreign markets, with more than 400 sales service networks in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and the products are exported to Europe, America, Canada, and Southeast Asian countries.

The company can provide customers with complete sets of equipment, and can also design and process according to the special needs of customers.   Welcome friends from all walks of life to call us for more information.

  [Reminder] The price marked on the website is for reference only. The final price is determined according to the specific equipment configuration and raw materials. Welcome new and old customers to visit the company for interviews.


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