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Factory direct sales Q324 (QPL50) crawler shot blasting machine hardware shot blasting machine
Detailed description:

Factory direct sales Q324 crawler shot blasting machine hardware shot blasting machine affordable

厂家生产的Q324 履带式抛丸机 用途和特点 1. Uses and characteristics of Q324 crawler shot blasting machine produced by manufacturers

Q324 crawler shot blasting machine uses high-speed rotating impellers to throw the projectiles onto the continuously turned workpiece in the drum to achieve the purpose of cleaning. It is suitable for sand removal, rust removal, descaling and surface strengthening of small castings, forgings, stampings, gears, springs and other parts in various industries. The workpieces to be cleaned must be castings and forgings and heat-treated parts that are not afraid of collision.

(Note: This machine cannot clean high temperature parts and burrs with burrs, otherwise the track will be damaged)

    This machine is a kind of cleaning equipment with good cleaning effect, compact structure, low noise and good completeness. It has the following characteristics:

1. This machine adopts cantilever centrifugal shot blasting machine, which has the characteristics of long service life and simple structure.

2. The use of BE type separator has good separation effect and high productivity, and has a positive effect on improving the blade life.

滤筒 除尘器,粉尘排放浓度低于国家规定的标准,改善了工人的劳动环境。 3. The use of filter cartridge dust collector, the dust emission concentration is lower than the national standard, which improves the working environment of workers.

4. The use of wear-resistant rubber tracks reduces collision and damage to the workpiece and reduces machine noise.

5. After the workpiece is cleaned, the material can be unloaded automatically, which reduces the labor intensity of the workers.

  厂家生产的Q324履带式抛丸机 主要结构及工作原理 2. The main structure and working principle of Q324 crawler shot blasting machine produced by the manufacturer

Q324 crawler shot blasting machine is a small-scale cleaning equipment, mainly composed of cleaning room, shot blasting machine, hoist, separator system, electrical system and other parts.

工作原理:在清理室中加入规定数量的工件,机器启动后,工件被滚筒带动,开始翻转。 Q324 crawler shot blasting machine works: add a specified number of workpieces to the cleaning room. After the machine starts, the workpieces are driven by the rollers and begin to flip. At the same time, the beam formed by the shot thrown by the shot blaster at a high speed hits the surface of the workpiece uniformly, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. 提到分离器申进行分离。 The thrown projectiles and grit flow through the small holes in the rubber track and flow into the steel mesh at the bottom to be sieved. They are sent to the elevator through the screw conveyor, which is separated by the elevator and the separator. 滤筒 上的灰尘经 高压反吹 ,落入除尘器底部的集尘箱中,用户可定期处理;废砂由废料管流出,丸砂混合物由提升机回收进入分离器,待分离器分离后再回用,干净的弹丸由供丸闸门进入抛丸器抛打工件。 The dust is sucked by the fan to be filtered in the dust collector, and the clean air is discharged into the atmosphere . The dust on the filter cylinder is blown back by high pressure and falls into the dust collection box at the bottom of the dust collector, which can be treated regularly by the user. The shot and sand mixture is recovered by the elevator into the separator, and then reused after the separator is separated. The clean shot enters the shot blasting gate from the supply gate and throws the workpiece.

Q324履带式抛丸机技术参数 Technical parameters of Q324 crawler shot blasting machine

00mm Track end disc diameter ... ………………………………………… 4 00mm

3.6r/min Track end disk revolutions ……………………………………………… 3.6r / min

Kg Maximum single piece weight of the workpiece to be cleaned ……………………………… 5 Kg

00Kg Maximum load capacity of roller (easy to roll) …………………………… 1 00Kg

00 ~6 00Kg/h Productivity …………………………………………………… 4 00 ~ 6 00Kg / h

100Kg/min Shot blasting machine: shot blasting amount ………………………………………… 100Kg / min

2200m 3 /h Dust extraction air volume ……………………………………………… 2200m 3 / h

Kw Total power …………………………………………………… 8 Kw

  操作注意事项: Fourth, Q324 crawler shot blasting machine operation precautions:

、应定期处理除尘器下方集尘箱中的粉尘,以防阻塞除尘管,影响除尘效果。 1. The dust in the dust collection box below the dust collector should be treated regularly to prevent blocking the dust removal pipe and affecting the dust removal effect.

、应经常清理清理室底部以及分离器漏斗中筛网下的杂物。 2. The debris at the bottom of the cleaning room and under the screen in the separator funnel should be cleaned frequently.

、应经常清扫设备周围的弹丸,以防滑倒伤人。 3. The projectiles around the equipment should be cleaned frequently to prevent injury from slipping.

、应经常检查清理室中的履带及提升机皮带有无跑偏现象,以免损伤皮带。 4. The crawler and elevator belts in the cleaning room should be checked frequently for deviations, so as not to damage the belts.

、禁止在抛丸器没停止时打开加料门,以防出现事故。 5. It is forbidden to open the feeding door when the shot blaster has not stopped to prevent accidents.

Q324履带式抛丸机 售后服务 V. After- sales service of Q324 crawler shot blasting machine  

三包三包期一年; 1. " Three Guarantees " is implemented for product quality , and the " Three Guarantees " period is one year;

2. During the warranty period, repairs and replacements of electrical control and mechanical parts failures and damaged parts due to normal use (except man-made and wearing parts);

“24 小时答复,即用户与我公司售后服务办(电话: 0515-83752966 )联系,保证在 24 小时内电话解决或派人走出。 3. The after-sales service implements a "24- hour " response, that is, the user contacts our company's after-sales service office (phone: 0515-83752966 ) to ensure that the phone is resolved within 24 hours or someone is sent out.

4. Responsible for providing technical information such as the detailed list of wearing parts of equipment and equipment, instruction manuals, certificate of conformity to the buyer.

  机械友情提醒: Friendly reminder from Jiangsu Yingda Machinery:

The information on the network can be used as a platform for you to understand the relevant knowledge of the equipment and find manufacturers. You need to choose the real manufacturer when purchasing equipment. You can find us as soon as possible when there are technical problems, quality problems, purchase of related accessories and other services in the use of the equipment. 英达 品牌传播给更多的客户,因此您是我们设备的使用者,更是传播者。 There is no one-shot deal to buy our products. We also hope to spread the " Yingda " brand to more customers through your use . Therefore, you are the user and the communicator of our equipment.

Jiangsu Yingda Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Dafeng Foundry Machinery General Factory) was established in 1976. It is a medium-sized group enterprise integrating scientific research, production, trade and service. Jiangsu Yingda has been engaged in the research and development and production of surface treatment equipment for 40 years, and has obtained 30 product patents. The company was also recognized as a high-tech enterprise with certificate number GR201432000146. The company took the lead in passing ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification and ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification. 或阿里诚信档案。) (Note: For details of all product patents and all certificates, please refer to the official website of the enterprise: http://ywl66.com/ or Ali integrity file.)

Jiangsu Yingda specializes in the field of non-standard shot blasting equipment. The main products are steel plate pretreatment line and profile pretreatment line; sand blasting booth; bar shot blasting machine and wire shot blasting machine; coating production line; hook , Hanging chain shot blasting machine; stone shot blasting machine; steel and rubber crawler shot blasting machine; series sand mixer; various industrial environmental protection dust removal equipment. The company adheres to the tenet of "innovation and intent to build", adheres to the principle of "honesty and responsibility", is committed to using technology to provide customers with a better experience and service, and grows with customers to achieve win-win. The product structure and business scope are diversified, serialized, and grouped. The products are exported to various places, and some are exported to Southeast Asia, West Asia and other places.

Jiangsu Yingda Shot Blasting Machine focuses on solving the specific problems of shot blasting equipment and provides professional and cost-effective personalized solutions.

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