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Manufacturer customized steel plate surface pre-treatment shot blasting equipment
Detailed description:

厂家,从事表面处理设备的研发和生产近40年,获得多项产品专利(详见企业官方网站: Jiangsu Yingda is a professional manufacturer of steel plate surface pretreatment equipment . It has been engaged in the research and development and production of surface treatment equipment for nearly 40 years, and has obtained a number of product patents (see the official website of the enterprise for details:   ) http://ywl66.com )

在价格 质量 售后服务等方面都具有一定的优势 The steel sheet surface pretreatment equipment produced by Jiangsu Yingda has certain advantages in terms of price , quality , and after-sales service . Welcome new and old customers and friends to visit our company for negotiation and cooperation.

Now the widest steel plate surface pretreatment equipment produced by our company is generally divided into: 1 meter, 2 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters. At present, steel plate surface pretreatment equipment has been widely used in shipbuilding, automobile, elevator, chemical, locomotive and other industries.

适用于 钢板、型材、结构件进行表面除锈、除焊渣去应力、喷漆 等。 First, XY2500 steel plate surface pretreatment equipment use: suitable for steel plates, profiles, structural parts for surface rust removal, in addition to welding slag destress , spray painting and so on. Common section steels such as angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, etc. can be processed by the steel plate pretreatment line .

产品优势: Product advantages of XY2500 steel plate surface pretreatment equipment :

PLC 机控制,实现了从上料→送进→抛丸清理→清扫→喷漆→烘干→送出全过程自动化(并可以自动和手动进行切换),操作方便自如,是目前对钢板、型材、结构件进行表面除锈、除焊渣去应力、喷漆、等预处理的理想的自动化成套设备。 This steel pretreatment is a new mechatronics product developed on the basis of similar products at home and abroad. The entire assembly line is controlled by imported industrial PLC , which realizes the process from feeding → feeding → shot blasting → cleaning → spray painting → The whole process of drying → sending out is automatic (and can be switched automatically and manually), and the operation is convenient and free. It is the ideal automation for pre-treatment of surface rust removal, welding slag and stress removal, painting, etc. A set of equipment.

主要技术参数: 3. Main technical parameters of XY2500 steel plate surface pretreatment equipment :

mm 1. The main door entrance size of the equipment: 2600X800 mm

Specifications of the workpieces that can be cleaned:

mm Thickness of steel plate δ = 5-60 mm

mm Width of steel plate B≤2500 mm

mm Length of steel plate L≤12000 mm

2. Shot blasting device:

Model: Q034Ⅱ

2 5 0kg/min Shot blasting amount: 2 5 0kg / min

kw× 8 Motor power: 11 kw × 8

3. Bucket elevator

D3 50 Type number: D3 50

kw Work rate: 7.5 kw

4.Dust removal system 2

4-72No 6C Main fan model: 4-72No 6C   kw 15 kw

Sa2.5 GB8923-88 5. Surface quality of the workpiece after shot blasting: Sa2.5 level GB8923-88

3 Dust emission concentration ≤50mg / m 3    


、详细解答客户提出的相关技术咨询。 1. Detailed answers to related technical consultations put forward by customers.
、根据用户的需求,为用户配置优质的设备型号和方案。 2. Configure high-quality equipment models and solutions for users according to their needs.

、免费派公司技术人员到用户现场为用户规划场地、设计安装流程图供用户参考。 3. Freely send company technicians to the user site to plan the site for the user and design the installation flowchart for the user's reference.
、提供设备清单、设备流程布局图、土建基础图、设备安装图纸等技术资料。 4. Provide technical information such as equipment list, equipment process layout, civil engineering foundation drawings, and equipment installation drawings.

On sale:

、公司技术人员在用户现场指导基础施工。 1. The company's technical staff will guide the foundation construction at the user site.
、公司严格按照合同内容安排生产所需设备。 2. The company arranges the equipment required for production strictly in accordance with the contents of the contract.
、产品出厂前的严格检验、试机、组织发货及用户验收。 3. Strict inspection, test machine, organization shipment and user acceptance before the product leaves the factory.

After sale:

、公司指派专门的售后服务人员,到现场指导客户安装调试 1. The company assigns special after-sales service personnel to guide customers to install and debug on site
、现场培训操作人员 2. On-site training of operators
、成套设备安装完毕后,留下1-2名专职技术人员免费协助客户生产24-48个小时,直到用户满意为止。 3. After the complete set of equipment is installed, leave 1 or 2 full-time technical staff to assist customers for 24 to 48 hours of production for free until the customer is satisfied.

原大丰市铸造机械总厂) 创建于1976年,是集科研、生产、贸易、服务为一体的中型集团企业。 Jiangsu Yingda Machinery Co., Ltd. ( formerly Dafeng Foundry Machinery General Factory) was established in 1976. It is a medium-sized group enterprise integrating scientific research, production, trade and service. 从事表面处理设备的研发和生产近40年,获得多项产品专利.主营产品有抛丸机,钢板预处理线,型材预处理线,喷砂房、喷漆房,抛丸清理机,履带抛丸清理机,石材通过式抛丸机,线材、棒材抛丸清理机,吊钩式抛丸清理机、吊链式抛丸清理机,辊道通过式抛丸清理机,钢管除锈抛丸清理机、钢瓶除锈抛丸清理机,转台式除锈抛丸清理机、台车式抛丸清理机,滚筒式抛丸清理机,系列喷砂机,系列混砂机,系列带式移动松砂机,各种工业环保除尘设备,特种合金耐磨件及相关配套件等,同时可根据用户需要设计制造各种非标专用铸造机械。 Jiangsu Yingda has been engaged in the research and development and production of surface treatment equipment for nearly 40 years, and has obtained many product patents. The main products are shot blasting machine, steel plate pretreatment line, profile pretreatment line, sand blasting room, paint spraying room, shot blasting cleaning machine , Crawler shot blasting machine, stone pass type shot blasting machine, wire and bar shot blasting machine, hook type shot blasting machine, hanging chain type shot blasting machine, roller pass type shot blasting machine, steel pipe except Rust shot blasting machine, cylinder derusting shot blasting machine, rotary rust removing shot blasting machine, trolley-type shot blasting machine, drum type shot blasting machine, series sand blasting machine, series sand mixer, series belt Type mobile sand loosening machine, various industrial environmental protection dust removal equipment, special alloy wear-resistant parts and related supporting parts, etc. At the same time, various non-standard special casting machines can be designed and manufactured according to user needs. The company has total assets of more than 80 million yuan, covers an area of over 70,000 square meters, construction area of 28,000 square meters, more than 250 employees, annual sales income of 110 million yuan, profits and taxes of more than 10 million yuan.

中国铸造协会会员单位、全国铸造机械十佳名优品牌、国家高新技术企业、江苏省著名商标认定企业、江苏省质量诚信五星级单位。 In 1998, it was the first in the industry to pass the ISO9001 international quality management system certification; in 2002, it was rated as the city's AAA credit enterprise; for eight consecutive years, it was rated as an AAA credit enterprise by the bank; the company passed the ISO14001 international environmental management system certification and quality management system. Certification; It is a member unit of China Foundry Association, a national top ten famous brand of foundry machinery, a national high-tech enterprise, a well-known trademark recognition enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and a five-star unit of quality and integrity in Jiangsu Province. Actively explore domestic and foreign markets, with more than 400 sales service networks in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and the products are exported to Europe, America, Canada, and Southeast Asian countries.

设备,也可根据客户的需求 量身定制。 The company can provide customers with complete sets of steel plate surface pretreatment equipment, and can also be customized according to customer needs .

或来我司考察洽谈! Welcome friends from various circles to call or come to our company for inspection and negotiation!

Company phone: 0515-83752966

Mobile phone: 13505113250

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