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Manufacturer customized profile surface pretreatment shot blasting equipment
Detailed description:

型材预处理生产线 厂家, 在价格 质量 售后服务等方面具有优势 Jiangsu Yingda is a professional manufacturer of plate pretreatment wire and profile pretreatment production line . It has advantages in price , quality and after-sales service . 型材预处理生产线 钢板的宽度一般分为:1米、2米、3米、4米、5米。 At present , the width of the steel plate of the plate pretreatment line profile production line produced by our company is generally divided into: 1 meter, 2 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters, and 5 meters. Widely used in shipbuilding, automobile, elevator, chemical, locomotive and other industries.

Welcome new and old customers and friends to come to our company for inspection and negotiation. 24-hour customer service hotline: 400-690-2006

主要结构: First, the main structure of the plate pretreatment line profile pretreatment production line :

清理室,辊道输送机、抛丸器、弹丸循环系统(含提升机、分离器、纵向螺旋输送器和供丸管道)、除尘、清扫、电气控制等部件组成。 The main components are composed of a cleaning room, a roller conveyor, a shot blaster, a projectile circulation system (including a hoist, a separator, a longitudinal screw conveyor, and a pill supply pipe), dust removal, cleaning, and electrical control.

型材预处理线工作原理: Working principle of profile pretreatment line

型材预处理线 为连续送料的高功能连续作业清理,在清理过程中由电气控制的变频电机驱动辊道将工件送进清理机室体内抛射区时,其周身各面受到来自不同坐标方位的强力密集弹丸的打击与磨擦,使工件上的氧化皮及其污物迅速脱落,工件表面获得粗糙度的光洁表面。 Sheet pretreatment line The profile pretreatment line is a high-performance continuous operation cleaning with continuous feeding. During the cleaning process, an electrically controlled variable frequency motor drives the roller table to feed the workpiece into the ejection area in the cleaning machine room. The impact and friction of the strong and dense projectile in the coordinate orientation makes the oxide scale on the workpiece and its dirt quickly fall off, and the workpiece surface obtains a smooth and smooth surface. The projectiles and rust dust falling on the workpiece are transported to the projectile circulation system through the recovery screw, and the workpiece is loaded and unloaded on both sides of the cleaning room. During the cleaning process, the sprayed dust and dust mixture is collected in the lower part of the elevator through the funnel of the chamber and the vertical and horizontal screw conveyor, and then lifted into the separator in the upper part of the machine. Shot blasting cycle. The dust generated during the shot blasting process is sent to the dust removal system by the exhaust pipe, and the cleaned air is discharged into the atmosphere, and the particulate dust is captured and collected.

The following picture is the board pretreatment production line sent by the company to Indonesia.  

型材预处理线 主要特点: Main characteristics of plate pretreatment line profile pretreatment line :

综合消化吸收瑞士GF.DISA设计技术,从而使本机具有设计先进、结构合理、运行可靠、生产效率高的特点。 1. Comprehensive digestion and absorption of Swiss GF.DISA design technology, so that the machine has the characteristics of advanced design, reasonable structure, reliable operation and high production efficiency.

抛射原理图、抛丸整机的全套图纸采用计算机辅助设计(CAD)绘制。 2. The projective schematic diagram and the complete set of drawings of the shot blasting machine are drawn by computer-aided design (CAD).

采用大抛丸量、大功率、高抛射速度的Q034II直联离心抛丸器。 3. The Q034II direct-connected centrifugal shot blasting machine with large shot volume, high power and high shot speed is used. The layout of the shot blaster is simulated by a computer three-dimensional dynamic simulation, and all sections of the workpiece can be directly shot by the projectile.

清理室内采用的铬合金铸铁进行防护,特制螺母固定,采用止口衔接,积木式结构安装,更换简单方便,使用寿命较长。 4. The chrome alloy cast iron used in the cleaning room is protected, the special nut is fixed, the joint is used for connection, the building block structure is installed, the replacement is simple and convenient, and the service life is long.

分离器采用满幕帘式分离器,分离效果好。 5. The separator adopts a curtain-type separator, which has a good separation effect. The separation efficiency of pellets, slag and dust reaches 99%. 采用由滤筒除尘器组成的除尘系统,室内15Mg/m 3, 室外排放65Mg/m 3, ,环保指标高于GB16297-1996国家排放标准。 6. Adopt a dust removal system consisting of a cartridge dust collector, indoor 15Mg / m 3, outdoor emissions 65Mg / m 3 , environmental protection indicators are higher than GB16297-1996 national emission standards.

整机组装式结构,外形美观,防锈漆与面漆双层喷涂,达到防锈、表面美化的目的。 7. The whole machine has an assembled structure with a beautiful appearance. The antirust paint and topcoat are sprayed on two layers to achieve the purpose of antirust and surface beautification.

Fourth, service guarantee measures


1. Detailed answers to related technical inquiries from customers.
2. Configure device models and solutions for users based on their needs.

3. Send company technicians to the user's site for free to plan the site for the user and design the installation flowchart for the user's reference.
4. Provide technical information such as equipment list, equipment process layout, civil engineering foundation drawings, and equipment installation drawings.

On sale:

1. The company's technical staff will guide the foundation construction at the user's site.
2. The company arranges the equipment required for production strictly in accordance with the contents of the contract.
3. Strict inspection, test machine, organization shipment and user acceptance before the product leaves the factory.

After sale:

  1. The company assigns special after-sales service personnel to guide customers to install and debug on site
2. On-site training operators
3. After the complete set of equipment is installed, leave 1 or 2 full-time technical staff to assist customers for 24 to 48 hours of production free of charge until the customer is satisfied.

The company can provide customers with complete sets of automatic steel plate surface pretreatment equipment, and can also be customized according to customer needs.

Welcome friends from various circles to call or come to our company for inspection and negotiation!

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